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Erotic energy therapy is provided by a mature female.My skilled touch stimulates and tantalizes the body.The A.R.T (applied regeneration techniques)removes stagnant energies from the tissues in the human body,this modality is used during the session./*\It awakens and rejuvinates the energy in your body and you will reach a state of relaxed is a ((((fullbody experience))) provided on a professional table.The*sensual * aromas* seduces your senses,as you are *drenched by the sounds of exotic music from ancient places,such as Egypt,India,africa,and australia....75$ for the hour session....11 AM TIL 7 PM WEEKDAYS WEEKENDS 1 TIL 6 PM.I have a discreet place on the south side of St.Louis,bevo mill area. For more info and to make an appointment CALL{{314-448-7135}}Just ask for (((FARO)))or e-mail

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